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in 2016 we raised 100 cornish cross broilers. in 2019 we raised 750. Heading into 2020 we are thinking of also raising a heritage type dual purpose chicken that would be fed minimally compared to the cornish cross. we raise our meat birds with a combination of movable coops and electric poultry netting. we do not confine our chickens in the movable coops. they are there to provide shelter from rain and sun. instead of confining them to coops, we set up a perimeter using the electric poultry netting. this fence along with the movable coops and chickens, get moved once a day to fresh pasture. our birds are processed at AA poultry in ridgeland, wi. they are a federally inspected certified organic butcher shop.

we also raise mix breed free range laying hens. Our hens are allowed to free range the farm. during the growing season our birds do not get directly fed. Their diet comes from foraging and finding wasted feed from our broiler chickens. 


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