Pasture raised Heritage breed pork

no corn/no soy fed pigs available 2020!

taking orders for whole and halves!

our pigs are allowed to be pigs. they are pasture raised and in the fall/winter months they are supplemented with certified organic non-gmo feed. our pigs are currently receiving no corn and no soy in their rations. They also enjoy munching on hay. we do not dock tails, nip teeth, apply nose rings, administer iron shots, or castrate. the only thing we used to do differently was get upset when our pigs would get out. we don't even do that anymore! our pigs are butchered at geiss meats in merrill, Wisconsin. they are a certified organic, state inspected facility.

We currently use mangalitsa sows and a mangalitsa/mulefoot boar for our breeding stock. Mangalitsas produce less saturated fat and more unsaturated fat than modern breeds. Their meat is low in cholesterol and high in omega 3, 6, and linoleic acid, which is being proven to be a cancer fighter. the mulefoot breed is considered critically endangered. Mulefoots are known for their foraging abilities and very lean meat.


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