Grass-fed, pasture raised, heritage breed scottish highland and hereford beef

our goal for 2020 with our beef herd is creating a more intensive rotational grazing system and working with MOSA, our organic certifier, on receiving grass-fed certificaton on our beef herd.

Scottish Highland cattle produce extremely lean, high quality beef. It is low in cholesterol, high in omegas, linoleic acid, and minerals. we have scottish highland and hereford brood cows and use a scottish highland bull for breeding stock. All of our animals are pasture raised and grass-fed. This means all of their dietary needs come from fresh pasture grass during the roughly 120 day growing season we have here in wisconsin, and hay in the winter. We do not feed grain of any kind, including spent brewers grains. We rotate our animals through different paddocks and We have additional acres of grass becoming eligible for organic certification in 2020. we want to use some of this to begin a more intensive rotational grazing system with our cattle. 


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