4th Generation Family-Owned Farm

Harvest Moon Organics is owned and operated by Andrew and Emily Drilling and family. Emily's great grandfather Andrew dressel started farming here back in the early 20th century. It passed through the generations until the 1990's when the Dressel's sold the dairy cows. The farm was purchased in 2009 by Andrew and Emily. We have spent the majority of the last ten years fixing, tearing down, and rebuilding the property back into a usable farm.

About Harvest Moon Organic Farm

We currently farm one hundred acres in west central Wisconsin near the Lafayette apple orchards. We are a grass based farm focusing on regenerative farming practices to improve our soils and pastures. We are accomplishing this through having a diversified farm including chickens, pigs, and beef cattle. By rotationally grazing these animals on our pastures we are feeding our soils, grasses, ourselves, and our neighbors!

In 2018 we seeded down sixty acres of grass that had been in a steady rotation of GMO corn and soy. It's quite a good feeling to be responsible for ending this cycle of GMO crop production even if it is only on sixty acres! these sixty acres will be eligible for organic certification in 2020.

We are a self-sustaining farm meaning that all of our infrastructure and inputs are paid for and completed by us. Our projects are not funded and completed by Big Government conservation programs. We are farming and conserving because we want to and we enjoy the work, the independence, and the resourcefulness that comes from having to find our own way of getting something accomplished.


All of our pasture raised meat we sell is 100% Certified Organic and pasture raised. This means no GMO's, antibiotics, growth hormones, or pretty much anything besides what our animals find on God's green earth. Any of our processed meats like bacon for example, are uncured and completely free of any nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, and synthetic additives. Our animals are processed at Certified Organic facilities that cannot use harsh chemicals in the process of butchering our animals.   


Harvest Moon Organics,LLC

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